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Programme Information: MBA [Full Time]

The MBA (FT) Programme of the Centre is AICTE Approved. Permananent Institute ID is 1-2874919101

The admission procedure consists of:

  1. Written Test: Candidates have to take the MAT (Management Aptitude Test) examination conducted by All India Management Association / CAT (Common Admission Test) conducted by IIMs or CMAT (Common Management Admission Test) conducted by AICTE. Sponsored and / or foreign candidates are exempted from appearing in the Written Test.
  2. Group Discussion and Personal Interview: Candidates who have obtained a minimum MAT / CAT / CMAT score (fixed at our discretion) or already have a valid MAT / CAT / CMAT Score (as fixed by us) or otherwise qualified as mentioned above will be called for a GD and PI.

The final selection will be based on the candidate's overall performance.

The programme offers among others:

The specialization courses are taken in the third and fourth semesters with three courses of each specialization in a semester. The programme also stipulates the completion of a compulsory mini-project in the institute itself and another 2-month summer training in organizations of repute. The MBA (FT) session starts in August.

The programme structure is tabulated below:

Semester 1Semester 2
10100 Business Environment20100 Business Legislation
10200 Principles of Management20200 Financial Management
10300 Organization Behaviour20300 Marketing Management
10400 Managerial Economics20400 Managerial Skill Development
10500 Accounting for Managers20500 Entrepreneurship Development
10600 Human Resource Management20600 Quantitative Technique
10700 Computer Applications in Management20700 Research Methods in Business

Semester 3Semester 4
30100 Organizational Effectiveness and Change40100 International Business
30200 Operations Management40200 Information Systems
30300 Summer Training Report40300 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
30400 Business Policy and Strategic Analysis40400 Project Study
305X0 Specialization 1.1405X0 Specialization 1.4
306X0 Specialization 1.2406X0 Specialization 1.5
307X0 Specialization 1.3407X0 Specialization 1.6
305Y0 Specialization 2.1405Y0 Specialization 2.4
306Y0 Specialization 2.2406Y0 Specialization 2.5
307Y0 Specialization 2.3407Y0 Specialization 2.6

The specialization groups and the related courses are tabulated below:

Marketing ManagementHuman Resource Management
30510 Consumer Behaviour30520 Management of Industrial Relations
30610 Marketing of Services and Rural Marketing30620 Legal Framework Governing IR
30710 Advertising and Brand Management30720 HRD Strategies and Systems
40510 Strategic Marketing40520 Compensation Management
40610 International Marketing40620 Cross Cultural and Global Human Resource Management
40710 Sales and Distribution Management40720 Organizational Change and Intervention Strategies

Financial ManagementSmall Business and Entrepreneurship Development
30530 Strategic Financial Management30540 Government Business Interface
30630 Security Analysis, Investment and Portfolio Management30640 Small Business Marketing
30730 Working Capital Management30740 Financing of Small Business
40530 Management of Financial Services40540 New Enterprise Management
40630 Corporate Taxation40640 Entrepreneurial Development
40730 International Financial Management40740 Small Business Environment and Management

Systems ManagementTourism, Hospitality and Event Management
30550 Software Environment in the Enterprise30560 Principles, Policies and Practices of Tourism
30650 Systems Analysis and Design30660 Tourism Products
30750 Data Management30760 Hotel and Restaurant Administration
40550 IT for Business40560 Tour Operations and Air Ticketing
40650 Enterprise Resource Planning40660 Principles of Event Management
40750 IT Security40760 Operational Issues of Event Management

Each course has an internal assessment of 40 marks and an end semester examination of 60 marks. Courses 30300 and 40400 being entirely based on projects have no end semester examinations; as such the internal component is of 100 marks each. The internal assessment is done through sessionals, presentations, assignments, attendance, practicals and /or projects depending on the nature of the course. A student must attend at least 85% of classes in each course to be able to appear in the end semester examination (except under exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Centre). Students must score 45% for being declared pass in a course and an aggregate of 50% to pass a semester.

Dibrugarh University CBCS Regulations

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