Centre for Management Studies

Facilities @ CMS

The Centre for Management Studies being a part of Dibrugarh University; all its facilities are also available to the students of the Centre.This includes a fully equiped Auditorium, Students' Counselling and Guidance Cell, Library and Reading Room facilities, Accommodation for both boys and girls, Medical facilities, Gymnasium and other Sports facilities, Computer Centre, Internet Centre, Cafeteria and Canteens, etc. For more details, refer to the University Information Brochure or click here. Besides these, the Centre also has its own exclusive facilities.

Computing Resources'

Computing Resources are provided to the students through the Computing Unit (CU). Faculty members are being provided with desktops in their chambers. Laptops are available for the faculty members as well as the students for classroom use. For more details on the Computing Unit, click here.

Learning Resources'

Learning Resources for the students and faculty members are made available through the Learning and Information Resources' Unit (LIRU) in the form of books, periodicals, journals and e-resources. For more details on the Learning and Information Resources' Unit, click here.

Student's Accommodation

The Centre is prviding limited accommodation facilities for male students as of now. A three-storeyed Boys' Hostel provide single room accommodation to 56 students. For more information, click here.

Training & Placement

The Centre has a full fledged Training and Placement (T & P) Cell to look after the Training and Placement needs of the students. For more details on the Training and Placement Cell, click here.

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